Why Your Business Needs Video

There are several reasons why your business needs professional video production and optimization.  Here’s just a few we can mention:

Higher Conversion Rates

Visitors to retail sites with videos are likely to stay two minutes longer on the website! And, more importantly, comScore reports customers are 64% more likely to purchase compared the same website without video. Connect with your customers right away!

Video SEO

Google loves video! Why? They own YouTube. You will have an easier time getting a top page rank with video. According to QuickSprout.com, content and product-related videos can even help you rank with already established sites, especially if you are targeting local markets.

Engage Your Customers

How many people read the content of your business webpage? If you offer nothing but walls of text, probably not many! Engage customers with online video, and illustrate the products and services you can provide in a quick and entertaining way.

Branding and Image

It is important to show clients a professionally-produced video about your product or service. Why? Trust. Nobody in their right mind would purchase a product or service from a place that looks sketchy and unprofessional. Connect with your customers and gain their trust with a polished visual demonstration of your business.


Video Marketing 101

So...what are the steps to creating an awesome and professional video?

Have A Clear Target Market

It is very important you know who exactly you are targeting with your video. The clearer you are the more likely new customers will come to engage with you. Get specific about your target—know their age, gender, where they live, income, hobbies, single or married, where they shop, what kind of music they enjoy etc. The clearer you are on your target market, the clearer your message will be on your video.

Video Scripting

All great videos start with a great script. Our script writer based in New York City will help you create an appealing video that engages your target audience. We don’t just create the videos; but we also create the script for you!

Get Their Attention

It is crucial to get your target customers attention with the first line of your video. Engage your audience by using a question, an alarming statistic, or both!

Get To The Pain

Describe in detail the current pain your customer is going through. This way they can identify that you are the expert and know what you are talking about. The clearer you can describe the pain the more they will listen to your video!

Provide The Solution

Once you have provided enough background of the problem you are solving; you can then provide the solution. Meaning…show your customers that you are the answer to their problem! You are here to help!

Call To Action

When you create a video, make sure you have a clearly defined ‘call to action’ at the end of it. Once again, the clearer your call to action, the faster your customers can depend on your services! You can request they call your business number, fill out a form, or give you their email address. Whatever it is, choose one that fits your target demographic.